7th Plantation Drive  – 21st July 2019

7th Plantation Drive – 21st July 2019

A young group of enthusiasts led by Aman Mishra, Piyush Mishra guided by Tapas Chakraborty and Bhaduriji, joined hands with Royon Samajik sansthan to plant tree in Vaishali Sec – 3 on the 21st of July 2019.

A total of 20 plants – the weeping Fig – Ficus were planted in the park.

Safai Express joined hands with Royon on the 21st July to keep good its pledge on using each Sunday this season and helped plant 24 tree sapling, ensuring that Vasundhara sec 17 soon gets to be the “Greenest Of Them All”.

A total of 51 plants were planted, this took the total number to 270.


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