21st July plantation Drive at Lucknow

21st July plantation Drive at Lucknow


On the 21st July 2019, 70 trees were planted at Rajni Khand, Park – 3, Lucknow.

Arun Mishra along with the help and co ordination of the  residents of Rajni Khand, was able to do this wonderful plantation drive.

The entire team which had active participation of residents of all age groups, worked for 3 consecutive weekends, first to get the entire park cleaned up. With some help from authorities, maximum self help and contribution of man , labour and some financial contribution, this unused park was spruced up. The electric pole in the middle of the park and the water supply was also ensured.

The help from I.C.Upadhyay, Pradeep Mishra, Atul Saxena, Ashutosh Mishra and Sushma Mishra went a long way to make sure that all the residents became a part of the drive to make the neighbourhood even greener.

Of the 70 trees planted, 20 were Gulachin, 20 harshingar, 6 Neem, 10 Ashok, 10 Gudhal, 2 Kaner and 2 Kadam.



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