Pradeep Mishra – How to make a passion out of a need #100Marathoners

Pradeep Mishra – How to make a passion out of a need #100Marathoners

Gireesh Sharma : Please tell our audience something about your childhood?

 Pradeep Mishra : I had  a vibrant childhood, just like most of kids. We had  no worries about tomorrow, and we where a happy lot,  just had to  eat play and sleep.

I have played cricket through out my school days so basically I am active in to sports since my childhood.

Gireesh Sharma :  How did you decide to choose Marathon as a passion?

Pradeep Mishra : I started running in April 2018 just to remain fit and to loose some extra weight which I was carrying due to bad food habits. I have studied and come to know that I can get rid of my diabetes pills if I alter my diet along with running. Than after initial difficulties I started running since my overall health was improving and if sometimes I was not running I started feeling like something is missing for the day. I became a habit for me. So I will say running is my habit my passion my behaviour.

Gireesh Sharma :  Who have been your inspiration and Comrades in this journey and success so far?

Pradeep Mishra : So my fellow runner and my friend Kulwinder Singh helped me a lot initially. After that I met Balwinder Singh and Mehak Khanna and they are my running mentors and coach and with a structured training from them I was able to achieve many milestones for me and recently completed a full marathon

Gireesh Sharma : Our audience wants to know how you maintain a balance between family, profession & passion?

Pradeep Mishra : Yes it is a bit difficult but you have to sacrify your sleep for this so my usual day starts at 4:30 in the morning and till 7:30 after finishing my daily training routine I started my routine day and professional life. Personal life is easy to balance because health is improving so everyone is supporting me in this

 Gireesh Sharma : What are your achievements in the running or adventure field so far, and how has  marathon and adventure has changed your spirits?

Pradeep Mishra : Running a long distance means you get a chance to meet your self. At times you get to know your limitations, you understand your weakness. It changes your thought process and suddenly you start feeling like nothing is impossible for you. You can conquer any thing in the world.

Gireesh Sharma : Memorable moments during this journey so far ?

Pradeep Mishra :There are many but yes Completing my first full marathon that to I was injured at 11 km I think this is unforgettable and will cherish for ever.

Gireesh Sharma  : What are your future aspirations and plans for marathon and adventures?

Pradeep Mishra : I want to give a try to cycling and swimming also. In coming years I will be focusing on long distance running and will be targeting to achieve 100 km and 200 KM mark

Gireesh Sharma : Your message to our readers?

Pradeep Mishra : Nothing is impossible in this world. Humans are known to achieve unexpected results. If you make a commitment to yourself than anything can be achieved. Last but not the least if someone really want to meet himself than he should adopt running as a sport.

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