Kulwinder Singh – a marathoner who takes Running as his meditation!

Kulwinder Singh – a marathoner who takes Running as his meditation!

Kulwinder Singh is the our next marathoner who took up running like a fish to water and in the last two years has progressed from being an avid lover of watching and participating in team sports to using his runs for calming his nerves or as he says –i take running as meditation.

Royon Team :  Hi Kulwinder congratulations on completing one of the toughest marathon– Khardulgla Challenge— When did you decide to take up running as a hobby ?

Kulwinder : I decided to start running as primary sports after one of my friend introduced me to a well known running event . I was into sports earlier but confined to team sports like cricket etc only

Royon Team :  How did you decide to choose Marathon as a passion ?

Kulwinder : 2017 when I participated in my first marathon for 10km that was couch to 10km for me , that was when I realised that I can run and I took a year resolution to start running near by event .

Royon Team : Do Tell us something about yourself ?
Kulwinder: I am 36 and with 15yrs of work exp I am currently working for a MNC in Gurgaon, I have 2 daughters . I belong to Jammu.

Royon Team : Do share something about your childhood, did you always a sports lover ?

Kulwinder: Yes I have been a sports lover mostly into team sports like , Cricket , Football and basketball etc .

Royon Team : Which games do you like the best ?
Kulwinder: I like Cricket very much, i take running as meditation.

Royon Team:  What inspires to to keep taking these challenges ?
Kulwinder :   I love taking challenges and question my status quo , because I feel human body can achieve absolutely anything our mind can think off and the only way is to keep pushing hard .

Royon Team: Did you have inspirations, and guidance along the way ?
Kulwinder: Yes I run in a group call #GurgaonRunnersGroup, we have Mr Balwinder and Mehak as our trainers and both are very decorated trainer or Delhi NCr. I got hugely benefited by their input and structured training , I owe my success to them .

Royon Team:. Do share how running has impacted you as a family person ?
Kulwinder : Running a marathon the runner takes a lot of your time and it demands discipline and proper training. It affects your social circle and people around you . But I am lucky that my family supported me entirely and my wife Satinder who herself is sport enthusiast is secret of my success.

Royon Team : Do you feel that running has increased your productivity as a professional.
Kulwinder: As and individual I am more confident, I am in better shape , full of energy and these things help you in every field of your life even professionally also .

Royon Team : How should one start taking running in case the person has a sedentary life style?
Kulwinder: Everyone has got 24 hrs in a day , we keep giving excuses to yourself or keep promising that we will start from tomorrow, I feel you cannot spare special time or something all the time. So it should be planned and then gradually you can take it forward from there . Joining a group and following a structured training plan will help a lot .

Royon Team :What are your achievements in the running or adventure field so far, and how has marathon and adventure has changed your spirits?

Kulwinder: I have run close to 50 half marathon almost all major event of Delhi NCR and nearby , 15 full marathon like TMM , MCM , etc and 12 Ultras with include Khardungla 2019 , TGRP 50 etc .

Royon Team : Whats been your most memorable moment so far ?
Kulwinder: Completing Khardungla 2019 was very memorable for obvious reasons .

Royon Team :What are your future aspirations and plans for marathon and adventures?
Kulwinder: Currently I am training for TGRP 200km which is in Nov 2019 and my aspirations is to get into triathlon and attempt Ironman somewhere end of 2020 .
Royon Team : Any message that you would like to share with our readers?
Kulwinder : I would like to urge people to come out their houses and be part of this major change ,opt for running or any kind of sports keep you fit and healthy and Its the cheapest form of therapy .

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