Since the mid of 2013 along with various organisations Royon has been actively involved in plantation and cleanliness drives in Vasundhara, Ghaziabad. These organisations are Resident Welfare associations as well as two community-driven movements  Safai Express and Safai Muhim.
The Indian Express- runs a series articles come every winter under the Death By Breathe  tag line since the winter of 2015.
Both these inspired us to promote the plantation drives, as well as the cleanliness drive through a series of Runs.
Previous editions- Run To Breathe
  1. Run To Breathe – Ghaziabad 2015
  2. Run To Breathe – Spiti 2016 (  the highest half Marathon of the World)
  3. Run To Breathe- Haldi Ghati-2016
  4. Run To Breathe – Ghaziabad-2016
  5. Run To Breathe- Ghaziabad- 2017
  6. Run To Breathe – Spiti-2018  the highest half Marathon of the World)
  7. Run To Breathe – Ghaziabad-2018
  8. Upcoming  Run to Breathe Spiti June 2019

Run Videos