A brief about Royon

Royon the name itself, is made up of ROhit, and AoYON, Rohit Anand and Aoyon Ghosh, were two of our friends who were also our classmates from Kindergarten to the 10+2.

Unfortunately, we lost both of them quite early, one to a road accident, and the other to a gruesome murder. When we were contemplating to give back to the society we started to do so in their name- ROYON.

We – the friends of Rohit and Aoyon.

We started with various road safety programs and other such activities way back in early 2000, it was at such an event that the then SP- Traffic Lucknow suggested that we get the name registered as a Non-Profit, which was done in the year 2009.

Till date, we have held various activities, and planted with the help of various organizations more than 20000 trees across various cities.